P2 Program is closed for investments

Registration of new members is closed for the P2 Program

27th of May: Update in the news section

4th of May 2018: Cash back has been paid for this week

P1 Payout Status:

STAGE 1 - Complete

STAGE 2 - Complete

STAGE 3 - Pending

P2 Program Launched

P2 Program Highlights:

Earn $50,000 per unit purchased
Cost per unit is $250
Payment options: Perfect Money and C-gold
Multiple unit purchase is allowed
Only 20,000 units available
Guaranteed Returns
Principal guaranteed by bank
Refer others and earn incentives on 2 levels
Cash back for Level 1 referrals
Offshore structure included!
24x7 Support

P2 Program Summary:

Program Type: Trading program

Total Investment: $250 million

Duration: 12 weeks (84 business days)

Return on Investment (ROI): Historic returns have been on an average of 200% per week as multiple trades can be made in a single business day, it may be less or more but the average is usually this.

The program started on 23rd October and we have not decided the last date of investment as of now as we are anticipating the units might get sold out quickly. However, if the need arises, we shall notify the members at least a week in advance before closing the program.

The trading platform which is managing the trades is located in Luxembourg and has been successfully operating since 2008. The trading platform shall be charging 30% as their fee from the total profits generated at the end of the 12 week period.

The total investment is of $250 million for which we partnered with another entity. After the deduction of the trading platform's fee of 30%, the remaining amount from the earnings shall be distributed in the same ratio as that of the investment which is 40:60, where 40% is our share of investment and profit respectively.

Once the contract period of 12 weeks ends, the funds shall be sent back to the respective accounts of all the entities involved in their respective profit sharing ratios, from where they shall be further disbursed to our members as PAYOUT.

Apart from this, you may also earn by referring others into the program. For each unit purchased by your referrals you may get:

Tier 1: $7,500 per unit purchased
Tier 2: $3,000 per unit purchased

The referral incentives stated above shall be paid out to the member at the time of payout.

Also, there is cash back of $50 for every unit purchased by a member in your Tier 1 level only.

The cash back shall be credited to your e-currency account every Friday at 1200 hours GMT/UTC.

Good luck!


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