Hsholdings.is is an online representation of our business entity that is well established in the financial industry for the past 19 years. We are incorporated in BVI (British Virgin Islands), with offices in the Dubai, Singapore and Liechtenstein as well, as it provides us with the freedom of dealing in the ever growing financial industry without any hindrances. Being a tax haven and an offshore jurisdiction, it proved to be beneficial for us to establish our infrastructure here as we could easily access the best available financial opportunities around the world, while benefiting from the commerce friendly laws at the same time.

Our team comprises of a number of high profile executives who have mastered in the fields of finance, marketing, advertising, asset management, banking to name a few. Apart from them, we have a fully trained customer care department comprising of individuals who have the desired experience and the ability to resolve customer queries in the most friendly and prompt manner.

Looking forward to helping you achieve your financial goals.