Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much am I compensated when the plan completes?
A: You will receive a one time payment of $50,000 per unit purchased by you.

Q: How many units are available altogether?
A: Only 20,000 units will be issued in all.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: Only C-Gold and Perfect Money shall be accepted.

Q: Can I sign up multiple members under me?
A: Yes you may. Although, all of them should have a separate email address when signing up for the program.

Q: Are investments safe and completely risk free for the new program as well?
A: The funds invested are safe and risk free. The investment funds are secured by a Bank-Endorsed Guarantee at the time the funds are deposited. The Investor Party is designated as the beneficiary of the guarantee, unless otherwise instructed by the Investor Party. The guarantee is issued to secure the Investor Party's principal amount for the contract period. This guarantee will be endorsed with the bank seal, and will ensure that the funds are secured with the bank during the contract period, which then, shall be returned fully to the Investor Party at the end of the contract term.

Q: Can I purchase additional units?
A: Yes of course! You can purchase as many units as you want until all the 20,000 units are sold out.

Q: Do I need to sign up again for the new program?
A: No, if you are an existing member of the HSH program 1, you don't need to sign up again as the new program would be integrated into the member area for existing members.

Q: Do I need to purchase a unit in order to receive cash back for my referral earnings?
A: You are NOT required to invest into the new program under any circumstances. Members shall be entitled to receive cash back into their respective e-currency account if anyone in their down line invests into the new program, or if they bring in new members in to the program as well.

Q: What is the last date to join the new program?
A: We haven't really decided upon a final date as we do understand that a lot of members want to participate but are waiting for the funds to be arranged. However, if the demand for the units is very high, we shall intimate the members at least 1 week before we close down the program for any further investments.

Q: When will the payout take place for the new program?
A: Once the 12 week or 84 business day trading period is over, the paper work would take a week's time and once the principal amount along with the profits are transferred back into our account, the payout process shall start.

Considering that the payout solution would be in place already, the payout process should not take more than a couple of weeks before the last of the member is paid. The 12 week period started from the 23rd of October 2017 as that was the day our first trade was made.

Q: Will you start the offshore structuring process AFTER the program ends or can it be done simultaneously with the program?
A: The offshore structuring process shall be done in batches along with the program. Once we reach a specific number of units sold, we shall start the structuring process for the members who own those units, and the same process would be repeated for every batch. We are anticipating that by the time the contract period comes to an end, we won't be left with a lot of members whose offshore solution is pending, and that they shall be dealt with along side those who would be receiving their packages containing the documents and agreements. In short, we won't wait be waiting for the program to end as everything shall be handled simultaneously.

Q: Is it mandatory to join the new program in order to receive a payout from the first program?
A: Absolutely NOT! You are under no obligation to join the new program. It is a purely optional choice we have provided to our members and those who do not wish to join the new program may wait patiently until we get the payout solution sorted out for the HSH program. Although, we would like to mention that by joining the new program, you would have an advantage as the payout solution for the new program is already in place. So, the choice is yours!

Q: I don't want to invest more money from my own pocket; can I still join the new program?
A: You may refer others and earn cash back into your account and then use the cash back to invest into the program, which is if you want to invest and participate.

Q: What about the residual incentives for Level 1 and 2, will we get those as well if choose not to join the program, but refer others into it?
A: Of course, you shall be entitled to all the referral commissions regardless of whether you invest into the program or not.

Q: Will the cash back be sent to my HSH account or my e-currency account directly?
A: Cash back shall be sent directly into the e-currency account specified by the member in their profile.

Q: When will the cash back paid to my e-currency account?
A: The cash back amount shall be paid out to your e-currency account once a week.

Q: Do I need to upload my documents and sign the NDA again for the new program if I am an existing member of the HSH program?
A: All those who are already VERIFIED and have signed the NDA would not be required to go through the same process again. However, every new member who was NOT a part of the HSH program will have to go through the same verification process as the existing members did.

Q: I asked for a refund for the HSH program, but I want to join the new program, can I do so?
A: Absolutely! Please be advised that both the programs are independent of one another and should not be clubbed in any way. Even if you did ask for a refund for the HSH program, you may still be able to join the new program without any issues.

Q: Do I need to open a second account for the new program?
A: No, you don't need to do that as the new program shall be integrated into your existing account.

Q: How do I refer new people into the program?
A: You shall be provided a unique referral link in your member area, which you may send across to those who wish to join the program.

Q: Will there be any future investment opportunities offered to us once the payouts complete for these programs?
A: Unfortunately, as much as we would want the members to participate into other offline programs once they have enough funds from their payout amount, we won't be offering any more investment opportunities after this new program closes.

The HSH program was supposed to be the last one but we did convince the authorities to allow the members to participate in the new program and the reason why they agreed was because they could see the situation getting out of hand because of the deadlines prescribed by the court of law.

However, if the situation changes and the authorities decide to change their decision, we would announce it in the news section of the member area. Miracles do happen at times, so you never know!

Q: What exactly is the payout solution which comes attached to the new program?
A: The structure is a multi-layer one where an offshore entity would be owned and controlled by an offshore trust where the beneficiary of the trust would be you, the member.
Apart from this, the kind of entity shall be based on the domicile of the member, so different entity setups shall be done keeping in mind the legalities of each continent.

Q: What about the banking part, what kind of a bank account would be offered? And will we get any debit card/ credit cards along with it?
A: The bank account would be a multi-currency supported account. When the required documents are sent to you along with the second NDA, kindly choose the currency you want the account to be opened in. As for the cards, you shall be provided with a Gold VISA/ MASTER CARD debit card which can be upgraded to a Platinum level at a later stage. As for a credit card, you may contact the bank directly and get one arranged if you desire.

Q: Can we transfer part of the payout or the whole payout to our onshore accounts if we wish to do so?
A: Absolutely! Your offshore bank account shall have everything you need, plus a few features extra as compared to an onshore account. However, please be advised that wiring your entire payout amount to your onshore account defies the very purpose of an offshore payment solution and doing so might put your financial interests in a tricky situation. So, if you are planning to do so, please do take a professional counseling session with an attorney or a financial adviser before proceeding.

Q: I registered on the website but have not received any confirmation email containing my login details, what should I do?
A: Due to security reasons and the nature of the investment, we shall NOT be sending any email containing sensitive account details such as the username or the password. It is advised that the members make a note of their login details and if due to any circumstances, they forget the password, they may use the FORGOT PASSWORD feature available on the login page.

Q: I registered and made an investment from my back office. However, it isn't showing in my account, why is that?
A: Please be advised that there is a HOLD OFF period of a maximum of 24 hours before the investment reflects into a member's account. The reason behind this is that due to security protocols, each and every transaction shall be manually checked before the investment amount is credited into the member's account. This applies to both the payment processors. Sometimes, the screening process may be as short as 1 minute; it all depends upon how many people are buying the units at a particular time. No need to send a ticket for it as it shall be taken care of within that time period.

Q: I registered and after logging into the member base, all I can see are the UNITS tab and the PROFILE tab, why is that?
A: All new members shall be granted access to all the features of the member area ONLY after they have purchased at least 1 unit via the UNITS tab due to security reasons. Once paid, all the tabs shall be unlocked automatically.

Q: It has been more than 24 hours and I still can't see my investment in my back office, what to do?
A: If the investment does not show after 24 hours, kindly contact support with the following details:

E-currency account number:
Transaction ID:

Once the credentials are verified, the investment shall be credited into your account within 24 hours.

Q: What is the procedure to verify my account?
A: Kindly click on the KYC Requirements tab for further information.

Q: What if the utility bill is not in my name?
A: Not a problem, we need the photo ID to be yours and the address proof may not be in your own name, but the address should match with the one mentioned in your profile.

Q: If we use a bank statement can we black out our account number information?
A: Yes, you may do so. We need the name and the address to be there, not the account number.

Q: Will an online bank statement suffice?
A: No, it needs to be bank stamped; no screenshots or online statements shall be entertained.

Q: Will the NDA be a form available online?
A: Yes, you shall have a non-disclosure agreement available in the member area, which you need to fill in with the required details, sign and submit back. It shall be made available only to those who have got their accounts VERIFIED. As soon as the status of your account changes to VERIFIED, you shall be able to view and fill the NDA under the NDA tab in the member area.

Q: I could not find an answer to my question, what to do?
A: Kindly contact support.